Created and led by singer and music producer Denis Ferreira from Rio de Janeiro who is one of the protagonists and pioneers of the movement called “Forró Universitário” that took place in the southeast of Brazil back in the end of the 90’s.

Since 2010, Baião Brasil promotes and spreads the culture of Forró all over Spain and Europe, the band is also the host group of the Barcelona Forró Festival “Pisa Na Fulo” as well as supporting and collaborating with many Forró artists and bands from all over the world. Presenting the show “Forró Music” mixing original songs like well known hits as “Xote Coladinho” with great classics as “Ai qui saudade d’ocê”, Baião Brasil invites everyone to the dance floor and take and take it to the next level!


Enchanting and always leaving a message of love and joy to your audience is the main goal that the band aims to put their work into practice. The band Ó do Forró brings the innovation approaching the joy and innocence inside the show and makes the public vibrate with the energy of their compositions.

With a differentiated and innovative language, the band has its own songs and its repertoire joins doses of classic to the contemporary, with influences of great names of the foot forró such as Luiz Gonzaga, Dominguinhos, Mestre Camarão, Jackson do Pandeiro, Trio Nordestino among others, besides of rock, MPB and poetry, special item always present in his work.
The result of such harmony between the musicians is chords created with delicacy and feeling, which is certainly transformed into a rich and carefully created sound to be heard from the child to the mature audience.


Nando Nogueira was born in Araguaiana – TO. He first got in touch with the Accordeon at the age of 8, through his father, who was also a musician. This is how he started and since then never stoped. Throughout his career, he accompanied the great names of Brazilian music, such as Adelmário Coelho, Del Feliz, Léo (Estakazero), Targino Gondim, Zelito Miranda and Margareth Menezes, among others. In 2011 he made his debut in the Southeast Circuit of forró pé de serra, after being invited to join the Quarteto Raízes do Sertão in Brasília-DF. He joined the band for about a year, but the short trajectory in the group was enough to win the championship of the National Festival of Forró de ltaunas-ES (FENFIT), besides the nomination for the title of best accordionist.

With the championship and new horizons, Nando Nogueira decides to redesign his work with a new project. He then moves to Bahia, and starts a solo career in early 2012: it’s time to seek the musicality of the great names of Northeastern music in which he was inspired! He performed around Brazil and Europe, due to his rapid rise. He filled his repertoire with works from artists like Dominguinhos, MestreZinho, Trio Nordestino, Benício Guimarães, Trio Juazeiro, among many others in the baggage. In 2015, he returns to Espírito Santo to compete in FENFIT, now with solo career, and Nando Nogueira was again, champion of the National Festival of Forró de Itaúnas.

Nando Nogueira now comes to present his solo work, the CD titled “Forró do Benedito”, which should be released soon, giving a new clothes and passionately rescuing what is best in the mountain forró. And, yes, showing that music can conquer the world, only with an accordion, a zabumba and a triangle.