Dear Forró lovers, It is with pride and delight that we announce to you that since its foundation, Just Dance Forró Festival has already created a network of friends, admirers and followers.
We started in Basel in March 2017, traveled to New York in June and we will be in Sydney in May 2018.
But to our surprise, there is even more!
Since our first edition, we have had proposals from other organisers to bring our Festival, our passion, and our concept to their cities. Some of them were friends and as you know, a friend’s request, made from their heart and with respect, is very relevant.

So we accepted the challenge and decided to spread our vision, our taste and our values to other countries in Europe. We will accept our friend’s requests and also achieve something we believe to be valuable in new locations that are important to us.
But before attending friend’s requests, we will attend a big need we had, the need of returning to where everything started, to the origins of our work.
Such an important city for us, for Forró, for this project.
And we are delighted to be welcomed by them!

This Festival will be a production of Just Dance Forró Festival and Forró Vinil, from DJ Sampa, who we are proud to be working with!