What is Just Dance?
What is its purpose?
How do we pick the cities to settle?

The Festival was born with the idea of transforming the Forró Scene in Europe into something more professional, offering an example.
We wanted to value and respect more the artists and the public, and we are working towards that end, with the highest payments and with good locations for the public.
Just Dance wanted to promote quality as the main criteria of doing something, and we are trying to do that.

Much more than a weekend of workshops and shows, we sell a concept.
A concept of how life can be.

We wanted to bring Forró to its next level, to its inevitable transformation as dance, music, culture in general.
To settle we either receive invitations from local organisers, interested in having something nice there, or we propose to cities where we believe there is a potential and a nice community waiting to be developed.
We never enter a place without talking to people in advance.