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Born in 1988 in Itabaiana, Sergipe, Mestrinho is the grandson of eight bass player, Manezinho do Carira, and son of the accordion player, Erivaldo de Carira. His sister Thaís Nogueira is a singer and his brother Erivaldinho is also an accordionist. With the musical DNA so present in his life, Mestrinho at the age of 6 was already playing accordion and at age 12 he started performing on band tours in the area where he lived. Since childhood he has been influenced by the music of Dominguinhos, Sivuca, Oswaldinho do Acordeon, Hermeto Pascoal, Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim, Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, Elba Ramalho, among others.

At age of 17, Mestrinho and his sister moved from Aracaju to São Paulo and created the Trio Juriti. Together they participated in festivals and stood out for the composition of the song song “Mais um dia sem te ver”. Still in this trio they recorded two albums called “Forró irresistível” and “Cara a Cara” that counted with the participation of the Caju and Castanha emboladores and with the production of the composer João Silva, one of the great partners of Luiz Gonzaga.

He has had the honor of sharing the stage with several renowned artists such as Dominguinhos, Gilberto Gil, Hermeto Pascoal, Elba Ramalho, Rosa Passos, Antônio Barros and Cecéu, Zélia Duncan, Geraldo Azevedo, Jorge Aragão, Gabriel the Thinker, Paula Toller, Luciana Mello, Diogo Nogueira, Toni Garrido, Margareth Menezes, Elza Soares, Benito di Paula, Duani Martins, Mariana Aydar, Zeca Baleiro, Thiago Espirito Santo, Sandro Haick, Ney Conceição among others.

Mestrinho accompanied Dominguinhos in several shows throughout Brazil, including participating in the last performance in Exu (PE), birthplace of Luiz Gonzaga; Worked with Elba Ramalho for three years, including his participation in the CD “Vambora lá dançar” where he toured nationally and internationally (Germany); With Gilberto Gil touring at jazz festivals in Europe, Israel and Uruguay, and participated in the release of the new album by the musician called “Gilbertos Samba” and has just turned DVD; Also participated in the CD of Jair Rodrigues “Samba Mesmo Vol. 2”, and in addition to recordings, Mestrinho also works as a music producer and arranger in works by other artists.

In September 2014 he released the first solo album titled “Opinião”, which counts on the participation of Gilberto Gil in the track “Superar” by the same Master, as well as the participation of his sister Thais Nogueira in the track “Arte de quem se ama” by the Composer Elton Moraes.


Circo Voador, Rio de Janeiro. Foto: Rogério von Krüger


Born in 1969 on the outskirts of Paris, the violinist Nicolas Krassik is one of the heirs of the famous French tradition of jazz violinists.

After 15 years studying classical and jazz music and eight years playing in Europe alongside musicians such as Michel Pettrucciani, Didier Lockwood, Vincent Courtois and Pierrick Hardy, Nicolas decided to embark for Rio de Janeiro in 2001 and dedicate himself to Brazilian popular music .

Virtuous and creative, the violinist quickly caught the attention of the media, won the musicians’ confidence and admiration of the audience and became a reference on violin in MPB.

Without a doubt, he achieved his place in the Brazilian musical scene, signing his solo career or standing out with great artists, among them, Yamandú Costa, Hamilton de Holanda, Carlos Malta, Marisa Monte, Beth Carvalho, João Bosco and Gilberto Gil …

Gathering jazz, choro, samba, forró (and even rock influences), Nicolas Krassik presents a vibrant show with technique and emotion, made to listen and also to dance.


“Play as if it was your last chance to share music…” 

Agacello (Agnieszka Teodorowska), a professional musician since 2005, is an artist with particularly broad interests. Aga is well known and admired for her lyrical playing and a strong emotional connection with her instrument. Agacello performances are given with great confidence and are full of imaginative ideas. 

“In her hands, the cello conveys qualities of strength and mystique, it evokes emotions, creates moods and stimulates human reactions”.


Aga began studying cello at the age of 7. In 2004 she graduated with 1st Class Honours as a ‘Master in Performance’, from the Grazyna and Kiejstut Music Academy in Lodz (Poland); was awarded the title of ‘Best Graduate’ and chosen to play the Dvorak Cello Concerto with the Lodz Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Aga participated in chamber music competitions in Lodz where her Piano Trio won :

– 1st Prize (20th Century Music)
– ‘Special Prize for Music Individuality’  for the best Chamber Ensemble from the Polish Artists      Musicians Society
– 3rd Prize for String Quartet (20th Century Music)
– Honours award for Piano Trio (19th Century Music)

Aga continued her education in London at the Royal College of Music where she completed an ‘Artist Diploma in Performance’  and graduated with First Class Honours.
Aga studied under some of the finest cello teachers in the world including: Dominik Polonski Stanislaw Firlej Tomasz Strahl (Poland), Claus Reichardt (Germany) Paul Uyterlinde (Netherlands)Aleksander Boyarsky (Russia and England)  

These mentors taught her the true value of hard work and practice and the best techniques but that was just the start; they also imbued in her an innate comprehension of every nuance of the composer’s desires and opened her eyes to the world of music as a language of the heart, a never-ending source of human expression and emotion. 


Throughout her adventurous and versatile career Agacello has sought to re-imagine the concert experience, creating a novel ‘stage’ for the cello, commissioning and performing many works written by composers specialising in Film and Contemporary music including Patrick Jonsson, Chris White, Dimitri Scarlato and Olga Hans.

Aga is often a featured performer on the World’s most prestigious stages and has appeared at the Barbican Centre, Royal Albert Hall, the Southbank Centre, Union Chapel, Le Grand Palace.

She was invited to record a lecture at the exclusive TEDx Conference in early 2016, where she was promoting traditional Brazilian music written by Oswaldinho do Acordeon and Nicolas Krassik as well as the renowned composer of popular Brazilian music – Chico Cézar. 

Aga has created and produced a range of multi-media concerts. Performances incorporate electric and acoustic cellos, a loop station, visual effects and a light show. These have been designed and produced in collaboration with film director Matthew Esterhuizen and special effects producer Samath Algozian. 

Aga is never satisfied and is always looking for new opportunities to use the cello in novel ways at the cutting edge of music.  Armed with the skills that she has learnt, she relishes the challenge of collaborating with artists worldwide from a range of genres – Classical, Latin, Jazz, Blues and Folk. Looking further for inspiration and participation with painters, dancers, performance artists, poets and composers, in venues which include museums, art galleries & theatres.

In 2013 a curiosity for little-known musical forms led Aga to Brazilian culture where she realised a passion for dance which equalled her passion for music. 

Aga’s heart had already been stolen by Bossa Nova when she then discovered Forró, (a music originating from the north-east of Brazil) which opened up a whole new world for her;  she enjoyed co-operating with these soulful musicians who display maturity and emotional depth in their music. Aga discovered that the profound, vocal quality of the cello combined with her style of playing complements Brazilian music perfectly.

Her recent tours to Brazil include performing and recording with :

– Chico Cézar Janayna Pereira
– Benjamin Taubkin Banda Rastape
– Oswaldinho do Accordeon Mestrinho
– Quarteto Olinda Bicho de Pé
– Mariana Melo
– and Dudu Oliveira in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Vitoria and Bela Horizonte.

Aga is currently collecting material for her CD and is writing music inspired by Dominguinhos, Sivuca, Paulinho da Violâo. She is also preparing music written by Oswaldinho do Acordeon to produce a DVD in collaboration with the artist.


The name TRIO DONA ZEFA comes from the mother of Danilo Ramalho (vocalist) and Murilo Ramalho (Zabumbeiro). Tom Silva completes the famous triad created by Luiz Gonzaga. They began in Campinas, but in a short time the great interior city was small and they conquered the capital São Paulo. The megalopolis’s currencies were quickly outdated and the Southeast was the new target. Today they are known in almost the whole country and part of the world, since in the last years they have made some tours in Europe, being well received and enthusiastically applauded in countries like: England, Norway, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland, besides Israel.

In FORRO’s circuit they are constant presence in several important houses of the rhythm and in 2004 they won the first place of the most prestigious forró festival, FENFIT (festival of Itaúnas / ES). With 15 years of career, 5 CDs, a vinyl, a DVD and a true legion of fans, the TRIO DONA ZEFA is proud to say that it really makes the traditional forró, but it has no denying, they have a proper seasoning, of those that will make your mouth water and want more!


We are so pleased to announce that the truly legend of Forró Pé De Serra, Benício Guimarães will be in Basel for the first time. He is a singer, accordionist and composer with more than 4 decades of truly forró pé de serra. His powerful voice and his incredible energy will make you dance & sing all night long. He also sang with the most influential singers of his generation, like Dominguinhos, Mestre Zinho, Genival Lacerda & Dió de Araújo. We cannot wait to welcome this forró phenomenon for the first time in Europe and it is a honour and a pleasure to have him on our stage.