About us

This is a forró festival. 100% forró and nothing else.
And we are “Just Dance Forró Festival”. From there you can take two conclusions:

1. A festival fully dedicated to forró. All classes without exception will be forró classes or forró aimed classes.
2. This festival is all about dance. So expect to boost your dance that weekend because all our professionals will be extremely dedicated to make you feel you really got something after the festival. And that your dance has a different quality afterwards.

Last but not least: our aim is to integrate, to bring people together. So expect to have a weekend of pure forró. We do not separate, we do not divide forró. All its ramifications are welcome to us!
We want people to really integrate and feel they meet the participants of the festival, so we will sell a limited number of passes.

In order to increase this integration, we will sell only full passes and party passes. No other kind of pass will be sold, so that we can have people participating intensively on the weekend.
Full pass for us means everything. All parties and activities included.
Party pass means access to all parties and dance events, except the classes.

Parties from Thursday to Sunday, which means you will get 4 dance evenings!
From Friday to Sunday, a special band  and a great DJ per night playing for you the best of forró music!

Workshops from Friday to Sunday, giving you the option of taking up to 3 workshops/day!
And the best thing!
Our workshops start always at 14:30, which means you can sleep well, wake up with no rush, get ready, lunch and then study a lot!